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1. Promoting and propagating true Islamic teachings.

2. Fighting sectarianism, intolerance, and all kinds of defeatism.

3. Struggling for revival of humanistic teachings of religion.

4. Finding and implementing learned solutions to challenges faced by humanity.

5. Studying challenges faced by Pakistan and finding and implementing their solutions.

6. Initiating social welfare projects, and cooperating with organizations serving this cause.

Our agenda also includes

1. Creating literature for strength and survival of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

2. Establishing solid and enlightened relationship between believers in heavenly systems.

3. Assisting intellectuals and researchers.

4. Building harmony between specialists of modern and conventional schools of thought so that they can share each other’s experiences for their common benefit and for the benefit of the community.

5. Establishing harmonious ties with other research institutes and exchanging views with them.

6. Acting as Information Bridge for intellectuals and information seekers.

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