India on footsteps of Israel in Kashmir

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At a time when Muslims, especially Arabs, were seemingly serious about the rights of the Palestinians, India kept its relations with Israel secret. Now as the Arab rights claimants are trying to outdo each other in raising the bar of friendship with the Arab Israel, why did India need to hide its secret rituals and long-standing acquaintance with Israel in such a situation? It is no more a secret.

The most dangerous aspect of this is that the ominous shadow of these relations seems to fall on the Kashmir issue and the rights of the people of Kashmir. Alas, the mainstream media of Pakistan is not interested in such serious issues and how can it be that our Foreign Minister during the rule of the so-called ambassador of Kashmiris is proposing a minute’s silence to the nation in response to Indian tyranny and barbaric acts in Kashmir.

تن ہمہ داغ داغ شد پنبہ کجا کجا نہم

India-Israel relations have a long history. India recognized Israel as a legitimate state on September 17, 1950. An Israeli immigration office was later opened in Mumbai, named the Trade and Counseling Center. It was actually the Israeli embassy. At that time, Israel desperately needed to relocate more Jews from all over the world to the occupied Palestinian territories, so in the 1950s and 1960s, more than 100,000 Jews moved from India to Israel. This has continued until the last decade, when large numbers of Jews were sent to Israel from the northeastern parts of India.

In 1992, the two countries opened regular embassies. India and Israel has deep ties in key areas such as science, technology, industry, education, etc., but the most important are military ties. India has bought as many arms from Israel that India is one of the top five buyers of arms from Israel, in some years India was the largest buyer of Israeli arms. 2017 is such a year.
India bought radar and surface-to-air missiles for its air force costing 530 million pounds. It should be noted that Israel is also the largest arms seller to Myanmar, which commits genocide against Muslims. Israel and India also hold joint military exercises. The details of these exercises are amazing. Many experts say that most of the details of the deep ties between India and Israel are kept secret and that both countries carry out most of their strategic work in silence.

After the Kargil war in 1999, India agreed to buy arms and military equipment from Israel costing 6.1 billion USD. Israel has more than 150 armaments factories that manufacture arms day and night according to orders from India and other countries. By 2006, India had bought 4.4  billion USD arms from Israel. In 2013, a high-level Israeli military delegation visited India, with Indian officials agreeing a 3 billion USD deal to train and equip their forces with modern weapons, Israel remained concerned that Israel’s weapons technology may not transfer to Iran, for which India has given all kinds of assurances to Israel. It is quite possible that in addition to the US, Israel is also behind the recent termination of economic agreements between India and Iran.

The two countries’ intelligence agencies have long-standing ties. RAW and Mossad are said to have been in contact since 1968. At present, an intelligence sharing agreement has been signed between the two countries. The agreements reached during Modi’s tenure include that the two countries will support each other in the fight against Islamic extremism. Israel is officially training Indian commandos to fight Islamic extremism. It should be noted that both Israel and India call those oppressed Muslims “ Islamic extremist” who stand up for their rights and  they call themselves champions of democracy despite usurping the rights of others.

Last year, India plundered the rights of Kashmiris and repealed Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution and then took a series of steps against the Kashmiris, which is being called the Israeli model against the Palestinians. According to which changing the proportion of Muslim population in Kashmir, removing Muslims from the most important positions and deploying Hindus and Sikhs, occupying Muslim lands by various tricks, giving preference to non-Muslims in government jobs, business in Kashmir To control through the investment of India’s powerful capitalists, to create new constituencies for elections that would give non-Muslims more opportunities, to pick up Muslim youth without trial, to kill in the name of encounter and creating an atmosphere of fear and insecurity all of these measures are part of the Israeli model. In response to all this, should the Pakistani nation observe a minute of silence in protest?
Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said this but

مگر یہ راز آخر کھل گیا سارے زمانے پر
حمیت نام ہے جس کا گئی تیمور کے گھر سے


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