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Syed Saqib Akbar

Syed Saqib Akbar


Mr. Saqib Akber Ex-chairman Albasirah Trust was a known figure in intellectual circles, his efforts for broadening research spectrum, promoting literature and its variants, advocating practical solutions for national and international issues through media conferences and seminars, and originating social welfare projects are self explanatory. From studentship he proved his skills as a social worker and a leader. During his foreign education he expanded his services to intellectual matters, by founding a research organization aimed at translating the research work and important manuscripts. After his arrival to Pakistan in 1995 he founded a research academy with cooperation of some other fellow scholars by the name of Ukhuwat Academy. This academy focused and worked on Islamic subjects like Tafseer-e-Quran, Traditional sciences, Jurisprudence, Principle of Jurisprudence, Philosophy etc.

Ukhuwat academy has been publishing various research journals and magazines since its start, in which monthly Payam and Al-Mizan are worthy to be mentioned. Payam is being published since 1995. This magazine is aimed at promoting true Islamic values and providing enriched thought provoking matter to its audience. Challenges faced by Pakistan are also a subject to this magazine. Mr. Saqib Akbar also founded a training institute for the enthusiast of literary world. He ensured to deliver them, and to community highly skilled professionals in translation and research industry. For mature and effective journalism his efforts are also to be noted. He not only writes in daily papers and periodicals on national and international issues as well as issues related to Islamic ideology, but also has trained many in this discipline.

Mr. Saqib Akber was also a renowned poet some of his work has been published, but complete collection has to be published.

His life was saga of different flavors from which one is literature, he occasionally participate in literary meetings despite his research and social engagements. He also organizes various meetings and seminars and round tables on different occasions.

Mr. Saqib Akbar’s intellectual services are wellhead for scholars and knowledge loving community. His writing and translations work comprise of more than 50 volumes. He simultaneously worked on Tafseer, Seerat, History, Dialectics, Challenges faced by Islamic Ummah, issues related to Pakistan, and literature which itself is a distinction in the world of knowledge.

His ideology can be defined as follow:

1. He believed in a balance between spiritual and materialistic world.

2. He believed in equality and supremacy of human beings. He is of the view that religion is collection of global and humanistic teachings and any other paraphrase less than this is result of stagnancy and short sightedness.

3. He was Flag bearer of Ijtihad and believes that with the change of circumstances the option to change dictamen must be kept open.

4. He was of the view that Human respect, legal equality and united human society are social phenomenon of monotheism and believes that monotheism is only way to eradicate slavery and hero-worship.

5. He believed in freeness of thought and belief in such a way that everyone must practically respect this right of others.

6. He was against colonialism, imperialism and supports struggle against all of its kinds at national level.

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