• The ignorant man does not understand the learned for he has never been learned himself.
    Imam Ali A.S
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About Albasirah Trust

About Albasirah Trust

Though created in the name of Islam, Pakistan today is facing grave challenges such as sectarianism, intolerance, defeatism and massive corruption. Teachings of Islam are confined to mere verbal discourses and talk shows. As a result the country, which should have been a symbol of Muslim unity, presents a despicable picture of lawless and insecure society. In this scenario the need for an institution that focuses on educational and social welfare programs in accordance with the teachings of Islam was evident. It was also necessary to get to the bottom of problems being faced by Pakistani Muslims in particular and the Muslim Ummah in general, and find out their workable solutions. For this noble cause, a group of intellectuals belonging to modern as well as conventional schools of thought joined their heads together and formed a trust named “Al-Basirah”.

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Reports, Pictures And Details Of Various Activities Albasirah Originates and Its Members Participate In I.e Seminars, Conference, Lectures, International Events, Round Table Meetings, Majlis E Basirat Etc.

Round Table Meeting
Delegation Visit
Majlis E Baseerat
Literary Events
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  • Literary Events

ABT Bookshelf

Here is a list of Albasirah publications. Some of our books were published by other organizations and some books of other writers were published by us. The books published by Albasirah Trust can be ordered on following number +9203065566771.+92512218005

Translation of Yaqoobi
The Islamic sects of Pakistan
Jamat e Islami an overview
My Memories
Zulaikha from worldly to Real Love
Quran our belief
Manqabat e Murtaza
Haroof e Muqatiat
Naqib e Wahdat Alama Arif Hussain Al Husaini
Taleem ul Ahkam
Imam Hussain A.S
Sirat e Nabvi (saww) in view of Quran
Naqhma e Yaqeen
Fiqh aur Aql
Fiqh wa Urf

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