Thursday, 09 July 2020 10:28

The effects of Hajj in our lives


By: Shaheed Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr
Translator: Mufti Amjad Abbas
Shaheed Baqir Al-Sadr is the beacon of the leading scholarly family of Iraq. He reached the heights of knowledge and awareness in his youth and made a name for himself with the Iraqi society and all over the world.

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    Is Turkey returning to Islam?   Writer: Syed Saqib Akbar Many analysts believe that Erdogan's Turkey is very different from Ataturk's Turkey. The latest evidence of this is the conversion of the historic Aya Sofia Museum of Istanbul into a mosque. This was decided by a Turkish court last Friday. This court is called the Council of State.It has the status of a high administrative court. According to this court, it was illegal in 1934 to remove the status of the Sofia Mosque and turn it into a museum.
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