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سید ثاقب اکبر نقوی

(A letter from Syrian capital Damascus by Mohammad Ashfaq)
Those shedding tears over the killing of children in Syria’s eastern Ghouta have right to express their mind, and I fully respect their point of view. 

But just give me the right also to say that I am still present in Syria, where I have been living for the last 10 years. About 70% of Syrian population are Sunni Muslims, out of which 60% love Bashar al-Assad.
Some senior ministers are Sunni by faith. Even defense minister and chief of army is a Sunni Muslim who is currently leading the operation in eastern Ghouta, where more than five thousand terrorists have held about 200000 people hostage. These all innocent and unarmed civilians are Sunni Muslims. The terrorists in eastern Ghouta daily fire hundreds of rockets on civilian populations due to which more than 500 people have so far lost their lives and most among them incidentally belong to Sunni sect as Shias in Damascus exist in name only.
I am writing these lines only because everyone has to be answerable to God one day.  It is possible you disagree with what I say and you have the right to do so, but believe me that at the moment Israel is the enemy of both Sunnis and Shais, and Bashar al-Assad is boldly facing this enemy.
Unfortunately, Pakistani channels are broadcasting the same news reports regarding Syria, which are being aired by Israeli and American media and I say this with certainty because I am regularly watching all these channels. Such reporting of events of happenings in Syria is unavoidably sowing discord between Sunnis and Shias. Sunni brethren are dearer to us than our own lives and our only nemesis is Israel.
(A letter written by Ashfaq Ahmad from Syrian capital Damascus to the people of Pakistan)

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