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سید ثاقب اکبر نقوی

US President Donald Trump earlier this month unilaterally pulled out of an international nuclear agreement that Tehran struck with major world powers led by Washington in 2015. Trump did this despite international consensus that Iran was abiding by the deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Taking note of Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from this agreement, the world leaders continue to condemn this move...


The EU and countries like Russia, Japan and Turkey have openly criticized America for this decision. The United States, instead of taking a review of its move, has announced to impose new sanctions on European and other companies doing business in Iran as well as on Tehran.


The new US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who also has served as director of the CIA, has set out 12 demands for Iran. Less seeming to be demands but more appearing to be orders of caretaker of the world, these conditions listed by Mike Pompeo sounded like declaration of war. They include provide the global inspectors with unqualified access to all nuclear sites and military centers throughout Iran, shut down its ballistic missile program, stop aiding groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hizbullah, end providing support to Iraq’s volunteer force whose role was pivotal in defeating ISIL (also known as IS, Daesh), stop cooperating with those forces who are fighting terrorists in Syria, cease its threatening behaviour against Israel, end the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps's support to those organizations who are at the forefront of fighting terror groups, cease its support to the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Ansarullah (Houthis) in Yemen.


In response to Mike Pompeo’s demands, Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani asked who are you to decide for Iran and the world. He said all the countries of the world were free and independent and were not ready to accept the American pressure. He said the days have gone when the US was able to advance its agenda in some places through coercion and bullying.


Whatever Iran, Europe and other countries say about the American pressure, they have the right to defend and protect their sovereignty. Looking at Washington’s role at the world level, it is necessary for global peace as well as in the interests of America itself that the whole world put following 12 demands on Washington:


  1. Put an end to its nuclear arsenal as it is the country that possesses most nuclear weapons in the world. Besides being the first and only country to have made use of this deadly weapon, there is more danger that America may utilize it again in future as well. The US has already threatened many countries of employing this weapon against them. It also is not ashamed nor has it shown any remorse for operating it in the past.


  1. Put pressure on its ally Israel to do away with its nuclear weapons program, stop its uranium enrichment and give full account of the military dimensions of its nuclear program.


  1. Compel Israel to provide the global inspectors access to its nuclear and ballistic missile sites.


  1. Cease making ballistic missiles in the countries allied to it and bring this program under the obligations of missile treaty agreements.


  1. Release all people abducted by it all over the world, close infamous detention centers and open these facilities to be checked by global inspectors. Also, pressurize Israel and other allies to immediately set free Palestinian and other political detainees.


  1. Put an end to give support to state-sponsored terrorism and stop creating, training, launching and supporting terror groups and using them to achieve its own objectives. Stop transferring ISIL terrorists to Afghanistan and stop providing weapons, new recruitment and training to them.


  1. Respect the sovereignty of nations, call a halt to its military bases and other installations in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, South Korea, Japan, Germany and the world over and bring back its fleets stationed at different places across the globe. Besides, stop Israel from attacking Syria and other neighboring countries.


  1. Discard its military support funds given across world, end disturbing peace of the world by selling destructive weapons, and instead of destroying nations to solve its own financial problems, launch its own excellent development projects with the participation of its own people.


  1. Stop trampling the international laws and immediately rescind its decision to move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds, which is a blatant violation of international resolutions.


  1. Put an end to cruel and coercive sanctions imposed by it on different nations of the world, desist from threatening nations and stop exploitation of nations by using FATF like tools.


  1. Make an apology before the world for causing damage until now to nations by resorting to military attacks, terrorism, economic sanctions and other resources against them and compensate for the losses suffered by these affected nations, institutions and personalities as a result of the American actions.


  1. Adopt new foreign policy in the light of the interests of its own people. Do not make your own people to become target of hate and abhorrence of nations of the world. Instead of protecting the interests of the cruel capitalists and becoming their mouthpiece, safeguard the interests of its own 99% deprived people and act as their ambassador. Use its resources for the development, progress, welfare and prosperity of its own people instead of spreading hatred across the world. Support the oppressed people instead of supporting the sellers of arms and weapons. Give the birth right to live independently to those states that have become tired of the wrong policies of the American Federation and want to survive as independent states.

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