The Muslim Ummah, divided into the so-called nation-states, is under attack at one time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and Somalia. Iraq is already burning in the fire of sectarian strife. Lebanese and Palestinians are being pushed into civil strife. Rebellions are being nurtured in Sudan, the largest Muslim state in Africa. How long must the Nation of Islam sleep like tops, made to spin on 57 points by unwinding of string in the hands of others, each indifferent to the plight of Muslims beyond its boundaries? Are we a nation or just toys for the world to play with? We have no choice but to unite permanently into a federation, Federal State of Islam! Why must not we fight for our right to unite?



Friends and foes on the same routes!

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has very rightly appealed for an end to the increasing attacks on food convoys in the southern part of the war-torn Afghanistan. The convoys of food do not save the lives of as many Afghans as the military convoys kill them, irrespective of whether they are really fighting against the occupying forces or not. The global organization representing the entire humanity is supplying food to the people of the war-torn Afghanistan; it should also find ways and means to end the illegal war in Afghanistan.




Fighting in foreign lands!


Surprisingly, a traditionally peaceful Canada that has no military dispute even with the neighbouring United States has sent its troops to fight an absolutely unjustified war thousands of miles away in Afghanistan against those who have no history of hostilities against their country while absolutely no dispute exists between Afghanistan and Canada. Like Afghan people the Canadian soldiers are also human beings; they must have been feeling a prick of conscience at having been sent to fight this illegal war. Canada is one of the 37 foreign countries in the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) engaged in military operations in Afghanistan, one of the weakest nation states of the world.


Czech Republic


Who is the target?

The United States, continuing its military adventurism, has plans to deploy parts of an anti-missile defence system in Poland and the Czech Republic. It wants to place 10 interceptor rockets in Poland and radar in the Czech Republic. Russian Federation has so far rejected all US offers to participate in the proposed missile shield saying it is aimed at Russia and could eventually house attack missiles or be used to spy on Russian facilities. Russia has received support from Federal Germany. Germans see the US plans as an attempt to split Europe once again, and think that it could undermine the global non-proliferation regime. US claims that the missile shield would counter threats from what it calls ‘rogue states’ such as Iran and North Korea and would not pose a threat to Moscow. The Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vondra has said that it would not allow Russia to veto the shield project.




You only wrote a letter!

Balfour! It was only a letter that you wrote to a Jewish tycoon. But how pernicious and poisonous its contents were that even after nine decades of your writing that letter the state of Israel, the child of your mind, is mercilessly killing the Palestinians in air-strikes on the Gaza strip and the Palestinians, in helpless retaliation, are throwing rockets into Israel, their own land gifted so generously by you to Zionists as the British Foreign Secretary 1916-1919!


United Arab Emirates


Give a clear timetable!

The UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashed al-Maktum wants a clear timetable for the US pullout from Iraq. He has expressed the hope that Iraq will remain united. In fact every Muslim in the world wants every part of the Muslim World free of all foreign troops and wants to see not only Iraq but the Muslim Ummah united.


United States


We didn’t mean it!

The US President George W. Bush and the NATO chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, after talks at the president’s Texas ranch, have lamented civilian deaths in Afghanistan. The president told the Afghans who lost their loved ones that he grieved with them. Scheffer called such casualties unavoidable. The peace-loving people of the world have time and again called this war unjustified and illegal.