Inflation in Ramazan

Saqib Akbar

If Pakistan's population is assumed to be 200 million and out of this population those who fast during Ramazan is assumed to be 100 million, then it can be said that 100 million people who were taking 3 meals a day prior to Ramazan will now be taking 2 meals per day instead of 3 due to fasting in the holy month. Thus, 100 million people do not eat one meal per day in this month. Although this calculation is imaginary but it is presumed to explain the point. Keeping this calculation in mind should the prices of edibles during Ramazan increase or decrease according to market principles? A simple reader will say that costs should decrease in such a scenario. How then the prices increase by 50% to 100%? Let us examine this question.

Need of basic changes in religious education, system and curriculum

Saqib Akbar

We are not at all against different point of views but all the viewpoints can be described moderately that other people with different viewpoints also become aware of their views and arguments, but we consider it necessary that all the viewpoints have confidence on this entire system and it is only possible when basic measures can be taken for confidence-building.

Will our future generations read Iqbal in English?

In September 1994, I was in Istanbul. My kind host Allama Hameed Tooran sent an engineering student Yusuf Axel to accompany me. This young man could speak English a little bit; I along with Yusuf, my wife and two daughters visited the popular museum of Istanbul Toop Kaapi. The glorious museum has a collection of many ancient antiques, manuscripts and plaques.


The use of English as an official language is totally unjustified, utmost tyrannical, anti national and anti people practice. It is the most vicious legacy of colonial era. It is not only the greatest impediment in spread of knowledge across the board in our society, but also, the fatal setback to the desired emergency of national pride and sense of distinct identity that serves as the most important source of inspiration for a people to rise above and above in the committee of nations.