Quran and Finality of Prophethood

Mufti Muhammad Siddique Hazarvi


Mufti Muhammad Siddique Hazarvi has in this piece of writing stated that it is a special attribute and huge honour for the noble Prophet (pbuh) to be chosen as the last of prophets. Explaining the word 'Khatam-un-Nabiyyin' used in the Quran and Hadith for the holy Prophet (pbuh) with the help of various Arabic lexicons, the author has said the clear implication of this word is that the prophethood has been culminated and finalized in Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh). It is a short but comprehensive write up on the subject.

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Extracts of Monthly Payam

October-November 2017

Translated by: S kifayat Rizvi

The event of Karbala from Kalami perspective

Dr Mohsin Naqvi


Was Imam Hussain’s uprising justified and legitimate according to Kalami and jurisprudential point of view? Should have Imam Hussain revolted when the people of Medina and Makkah had pledged allegiance to Yazid though under coercion? Such types of other debates that took place after the event of Karbala are unnecessary and groundless, according to my perspective. The basic realities have been ignored in all these debates and discussions.  Protection of religion, protection of human life, protection of property, protection of mind and protection of progeny are in the list of main goals of Islamic law. The complete and perfect religion in the sight of God which was introduced through the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) revolves round these five goals and it doesn’t matter whether you look at Makki or Madani verses, because these are the very goals that when their attainment is not possible and these values become non-existent in the society, the need of a new prophet and a new Sharia arises. It is known through examining the prophetic mission of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) that he (the Prophet) established the society on these very pillars. The most important among these goals is the protection of religion for which sacrifice of life and property is offered too. The sacrifice of mind is that it remains subservient to Sharia whereas the authentic meaning of progeny is only what the Sharia has fixed for it. The wrong and erroneous system established in the name of ‘dignity and honour’ can’t provide protection of progeny. One gets aware by analyzing the historical roles of the noble Prophet (pbuh) and the Ahlul Bayt that they not only fixed these five goals of Sharia but also tried to protect them. Although they were not in the seat of authority, they strived to make others understand the secret that everything is safe when religion is safe and that it is not important for any society to remain existing in the history, but what is important is that it survives with its true and real values.

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