This combined massive protest demonstration on the occasion of Al-Quds Day organized by the parties affiliated with the Milli Yekjehti Council (MYC) and other organizations was held to show solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians. This gathering condemns in strong terms the state terrorism unleashed by Israel against the people of Palestine, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people besides forcing lacs of others out of their homeland and damaging properties worth millions. Israel is doing all this under the patronage of the US. This gathering particularly expresses its strong displeasure and resentment over the massacre of Palestinians that took place on this year’s Nakba (Catastrophe Day) protests and that this wanton slaughtering has not stopped till this day. This protest which represents the unanimous voice of the people of Pakistan demands:

• The Zionist entity forthwith stops spilling blood of Palestinians and the US halts its backing of this aggressor. The land of Palestine solely belongs to Palestinians and enforcing the two-state solution is a kind of bullying on the part of world. Those Jews who have been moved from different places and settled in Palestine should leave this territory and go to their own countries and let Palestinians settle freely in their own land.

• The one-state solution being talked about by the Trump administration is the worst example of state terrorism and bullying tactics and that the Muslim world will never accept such kind of solution. The Ummah will not remain silent in case steps are taken towards this end. This kind of solution will push the region towards an unending war.

• The US should wind up its embassy from Baitul Muqaddas and provide proof of it being an independent state by immediately stopping supporting Israel that is contrary to international laws and moral principles. Similarly, those Muslim states having diplomatic ties with Israel and also having accepted the Zionist state should review their decision and close Israeli embassies in their respective countries.

• The United Nations and those global bodies responsible for maintaining peace should play their role to provide a practical solution to the seven decade old Palestine issue. Similarly, OIC, Arab League and other Islamic blocs collectively and Muslim states at individual levels should act against the US move of repositioning its embassy and use their influence on America so that this unilateral decision taken by the US against international laws could be overturned.

• The government of Pakistan should formulate an effective and robust policy with regard to the issue of Palestine keeping in mind the sayings of Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in this respect. It should also take steps to inform the world about the importance and sensitivities of the issues of Palestine and Kashmir.

• The ongoing problems that different Muslim states are confronting, which have been devised to create discord within the Ummah and to put off the attention from the real issues like Palestine and Kashmir, should be resolved by the leaders of Muslim states with mutual consultations and by talking with each other. The Pakistani government should play its key role in this regard.

• This meeting also expects from Muslim intellectuals, writers and the public in general to understand the intrigues of the impearlistic forces and not become part their plan besides abstaining from every such shameful act which causes disintegration of the Ummah. They should also take steps to create awareness about the Palestine and Kashmir issues.

• This grand gathering and the parties affiliated with MYC Pakistan pledge to not only remain present in the practical field according to their abilities and positions to foil enemies’ conspiracies but also will play their part to apprise people of these plots and to bring Muslims together as per the teachings of the Quran.