1. To promote and propagate true Islamic teachings.

2. To encounter sectarianism, intolerance, and all kinds of defeatisms.

3. Revival of humanistic teachings of religion.

4. Promoting learned and disquisition solutions for the challenges faced by humanity.

5. Studying challenges faced by Pakistan and presenting learned and disquisition solutions and thriving to implement these solutions.

6. Initiating social welfare projects, and cooperating with organization serving this cause.

Our Agenda includes:

1. Providing literature for strengthening, and survival of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

2. Establishing solid, enlightened and aware some relationship between believers of heavenly systems.

3. Assisting intellectuals and researchers.

4. Building harmony between specialists of modern and conventional school of thoughts so that their mutual experiences could be shared and should be beneficial for both and community.

5. Establishing exchange relationship and harmony with other research institutes.


6. Acting as Information Bridge for intellectuals and information seekers.