بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم



The necessity of an institution, in Islamabad which is focused on educational and social welfare programs under teachings of Islam is evident. As we all know that Islam and its teachings are not given supposed importance these days, our home land is also facing challenges and threats. The country which should have been a symbol of nation’s unity is facing threats like sectarianism, Intolerance, and defeatism. In this scenario it is necessary to introduce Islamic teachings and to study cause of problems faced by Muslim Ummah and Pakistan and to present learned and disquisition solutions to these challenges. For this noble cause, intellectuals from modern and conventional schools of thought bottom upon a trust with the name of “Al-Basirah Trust”.


Institutions of Al-Basirah Trust:

Ukhuwat Academy:

Is an intellectual and research institution which was inaugurated on March 5, 1995, main motive behind this academy was to provide satisfactory and up to date answers, to the questions irrupting in educated minds about religion. This academy decided to produce literature for different social classes and mindsets. Intellectuals attached with this institution are evenly specialized in modern and conventional sciences. Academy is moreover classified into three subsections.

Research and Writing Section:

As name implies this section is responsible for research and writing tasks. It has done lot of work in fields of Traditional sciences, jurisprudence, principle of jurisprudence and philosophy. Columns written on diverse issues are also in jurisdiction of this section. Research articles are read on different intellectual, moral, and informative subjects for national and international seminars by members of this section.

Translation Section:

Work by Islamic scholars is translated in this section; also translation training programs are scheduled regularly to inject skilled translators in community.

Scholars Library:

The importance of library for a researcher is self explanatory; Al-Basirah scholar’s library is a consultation source for scholars of different school of thoughts. It includes books on Quran and Quranic sciences, tradition, traditional sciences, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence, theology, comparative religions, linguistics, history, Biographies, Political science, Poetry, Literature, Pakistan’s history, cyclopedia etc.

Al-Basirah Publications:

This section is responsible for publishing intellectual and literary books, moreover scholarly and technical support is provided to other organizations.

Training program:

Al-Basirah trust has invested its expertise in exploring and flourishing translators, researchers, columnists, and writers.


Monthly Payam:

Monthly Payam is being published since 1995 by Al-Basirah Trust. It contains research articles and columns on different national and international issues. A large majority of its readers consist of scholars and researchers and is evenly popular among solemn, loyal citizens of Pakistan.


Seminars & Conferences:

Al-Basirah Trust also conducts seminars and conferences on different latest issues in which scholars belonging to different school of thoughts discuss and presents their point of view. Moreover Al-Basirah Trust conducts literary, Poetic and Natia programs on different occasions.