• "Ummah's unity" conference organised by Mutahida Jamiat e Ahle Hadith
  • "Modi's visit of Israel and Kashmir dispute" seminar by MYC
  • "Ummah's Unity" conference organised by Hadia-tul-hadi Pakistan
  • "The lady of Paradise" conference organised by Jamat e Ahle Haram


Global village, Rohingya and some unnoticed human calamities

  By Saqib Akbar   The world has really become a global village and how it is awakened to the horrors being faced by the Rohingya Muslims and how it has come into...

Maulana Maududi (preacher unity among the Muslim)

Book Title: Maulana Maududi (preacher unity among  the Muslim) Published On: 1st November 2015 Written by: Syed Nisar Ali Tirmazi  

Barelvi viewpoint regarding establishing relations with non-Muslim governments

The process of establishing relationships with different governments have been going on since ancient times and disregarding such a course has been never possible in history

Views of Barelvi Muslims regarding Takfir of fellow Muslims

      The Takfir (charging one with unbelief) of fellow Muslims has remained an issue of utmost gravity in the history of Islam. In the early Islamic history, the group who had...

Proposals with respect to prejudice

By Saqib Akber What is prejudice? It is very difficult to define prejudice. One problem in describing the exact meaning of prejudice is that according to many scholars it may be positive...

Impacts of Russia’s direct military role in the Middle East conflict

By Saqib Akber There has been direct involvement of America and its allies in the Middle East since long. Former US secretary of state had, fifteen years ago, announced to make...

Dialogue is useful as long as it remains a dialogue

By Saqib Akber Historical background A lot is being said on the need of holding dialogue in the world for some time now. Samuel Huntington’s theory of clash of civilizations has given...

Dar-e-Arqam – The first formal centre established by Holy Prophet to preach Islam

Significance of choosing Dar-e-Arqam Dar-e-Arqam is a place which was used by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a hidden location where he could quietly carry on his divine mission. He used...

Ulama conference in Lahore issues important declaration

Calls philosophy of TTP, al-Qaeda, Daesh and other so-called jihadi outfits ‘misleading, un-Islamic’ Saqib Akber A conference attended by more than 200 religious scholars (ulama) was held in Lahore on 17 May...

Launching ceremony of ‘Nagma-e-Yaqeen’: A unique event

Syed Saqib Akber’s first poetry book ‘Nagma-e-Yaqeen’ was launched at the Islamabad Club in Islamabad on 29 April 2015. The launching ceremony was organized by Al-Basirah.